• Control and communicate with test and measurement instruments using Instrument Control Toolbox™.
  • Connect to test and measurement instruments without writing code using Instrument Control Toolbox™ .
  • Communicate with your test equipment using industry-standard communication protocols or instrument drivers.
  • This presentation covers the development of an automated test system using Data Acquisition Toolbox™, Instrument Control Toolbox™, and effective GUI programming practices.
Connect and communicate with test instruments, then automatically generate MATLAB code that can perform the same tasks in the future. This example shows these steps for reading oscilloscope data into...
The quick control interface makes it easy to work with function generators and oscilloscopes in MATLAB, without having to dig into communication protocols. This example demonstrates the syntax for...
  • Connect to and configure Agilent ® instruments using IVI drivers and the Test & Measurement Tool.
  • Acquire data from a Tektronix ® oscilloscope and automate data collection.
  • Connect to a Tektronix ® oscilloscope and acquire data without writing code.
  • Get an overview of Agilent test equipment including signal generators, signal analyzers, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, and AXIe and PXI modular hardware with MATLAB ® software.
  • Generate pulse waveforms and other signals for Agilent X-Series signal generators using MATLAB ® and Instrument Control Toolbox™.
  • Generate waveforms and perform amplitude correction for Agilent M8190a AWGs using MATLAB ® and Instrument Control Toolbox™.
  • Acquire IQ data from Agilent X-Series signal analyzers using MATLAB ® .
  • Generate signal impairments and play back waveforms for Agilent signal generators and analyzers using MATLAB ® .
  • Make user-defined custom measurements for Agilent Infiniium oscilloscopes using MATLAB ® .
  • Create and use MATLAB ® apps for Agilent Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.