This webinar provides an overview of how MATLAB can be used to develop and implement automated trading systems.
View calibration and simulation examples of interest rate models in MATLAB.
In this webinar you will learn how MATLAB can be used to set up, analyze, and monitor a commodities trading workflow. This webinar is for financial professionals, quantitative analysts, traders, portfolio managers or energy traders whose focus is qua
This webinar shows how to build a forecasting model for corporate default rates with MATLAB. Topics include: Working with historical credit migrations data to construct time series of interest and to visualize default rates dynamics Using statistical
Learn how you can incorporate MATLAB components directly into production environments, saving you the costs and risks of recoding.  An overview of MATLAB Production Server will be presented.
Learn how State-Space representation of time-series may be used to model stochastic processes. Through an example application, MathWorks engineers will show you how state-space models can be defined, calibrated, estimated, and used to forecast time-