Import and run Simulink algorithms on SIMATIC WinAC RTX


  • Integrate algorithms developed in Simulink into SIMATIC WinAC RTX
  • Generate real-time and non-real-time SIMATIC WinAC objects
  • Compile a Simulink algorithm into an SCL source and a DLL/RTDLL file
  • Interactively update algorithm parameters and debug applications with Simulink in external mode
  • Change user-defined model parameters outside of the PLC user program


Using the WinAC Target, Simulink® models can be integrated into the software controller SIMATIC® WinAC RTX or the failsafe software controller SIMATIC WinAC RTX F.

SIMATIC WinAC RTX is the SIMATIC software controller for PC-based automation solutions. With it, you can carry out deterministic control functions on the PC in real time. You can use SIMATIC WinAC RTX F to implement standard control functions and safety systems on PC-based solutions.  WinAC RTX F satisfies maximum safety requirements and is compliant with relevant standards: EN 954-1 up to category 4, IEC 62061 up to SIL 3, and EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.

Using the WinAC Target, Simulink generates a real-time or non-real-time DLL file, which contains the Simulink algorithm. A program block, which calls the DLL function out of the PLC user program of the SIMATIC WinAC RTX F, is generated as well. The generated program block has the same interface as the Simulink model. In this way, Simulink models can be integrated into the PLC user program using the SIMATIC STEP 7 engineering software. No additional programming knowledge such as C/C++ or data-type conversion is needed.

Simulink running in external mode is used for monitoring the model. Internal model parameters can be changed during operation out of the PLC user program.

You can find more information about the WinAC Target here.


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