KYOS Energy Consulting and Training Services

Advanced simulation models for energy markets


  • Energy and commodity markets
  • Trading, risk management, and valuation
  • Consulting, modeling, and training
  • Power plants, gas storage, pipelines, and transportation
  • Price simulations: multifactor and co-integration
  • Knowledge transfer: full source code on demand


KYOS Energy Consulting develops advanced models for the energy and commodity industry. In-depth theoretical knowledge is used to develop powerful applications for optimizing day-to-day trading/hedging activities and for more fundamental analysis.

KYOS offers a wide range of models, including gas storage, swing contracts, investment decisions, price (spread) simulation, and power plant optimization. In addition, tailor-made solutions are developed regularly to align model functionality with business requirements. The models are typically used by energy professionals such as utilities, oil companies, gas suppliers, and regulators.

The models, which are developed in MATLAB, are usually provided to customers with full source code. This approach results in effective knowledge transfer and makes it possible for customers to maintain and expand our models. Although all models are developed in MATLAB and include a graphical interface, Microsoft® Excel® is often used for reading and writing inputs/outputs.

KYOS Energy Consulting

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