FMC Wireless Transceiver Development Board


  • Onboard microcontroller can preconfigure operating mode
  • Wideband receiving, TDD, and FDD
  • Single antenna connector with PA/LNA/switching on board
  • Integrated ADCs/DACs with simple parallel interface to FPGA
  • Schematic provided, easing transition from prototype to production
  • HDL Coder example designs written in MATLAB ® found at github


Chilipepper is an FMC wireless transceiver module for use in development and rapid prototyping of software-defined radios. When used with HDL CoderTM, FPGA synthesis tools, and a low-cost FPGA development board, such as the open source ZedBoard, Chilipepper can be used to create a fully-functioning wireless transceiver.

Chilipepper uses a Lime Microsystems LMS6002 radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) which integrates data converters, synthesizers, and all up/down transceiver functions into a single IC. Toyon’s Chilipepper provides a functional design by adding all necessary board and software support.

Two unique elements to Chilipepper are particularly useful for designers. The first is the inclusion of all power amplifier and switching logic such that you only need to connect a single antenna to be fully operational. Second, all calibration and configuration registeration is handled by an onboard microcontroller. You need to build a bitfile, load it onto the FPGA board, and you are ready to test your design.

Chilipepper ships with a MATLAB example of a QPSK transceiver that can be used with HDL Coder. This incorporates driver interfaces to the DACs/ADCs on Chilipepper as well as control logic, all written in MATLAB. Additionally, the example design provides a Xilinx EDK project as well as a methodology to interface HDL Coder generated HDL as a pcore that can be used in the EDK project. Future radio designs will be provided, again written in MATLAB HDL Coder, to further extend functionality and to provide additional examples for how to rapidly prototype and develop wireless radio designs using MathWorks products.

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