Real-time control experiments using MATLAB and Simulink


  • Laboratory-scale multitank system
  • Highly nonlinear system for real-time experiments
  • MATLAB and Simulink applied to generation of real-time controllers
  • Illustration of complex nonlinear algorithms
  • Development of level control strategies
  • Fault-detection strategies


The Multitank System consists of upper, middle, and lower tanks equipped with drain valves. A variable speed pump fills the upper tank. A liquid outflows the tanks due to gravity. The control goal is to keep the desired liquid levels in each of the tanks. The level sensors mounted in the tanks measure these levels. There are manual and automatic valves (that act as flow resistors) to stabilize the desired levels. The horizontal cross section of the tank can be constant or variable (spherical or conical). In this way, nonlinearities are introduced into the system.

MATLAB and Simulink are used to develop and run controllers. Additionally Simulink Coder and Real-Time Windows Target are necessary to generate programming code operating in real time. The Multitank laboratory system is the perfect tool for researching and teaching automatic control at technical universities. One can perform real-time experiments. The manual valves can be used to simulate leaks and to develop fault-detection strategies.

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