A high-performance, compact rapid prototyping module for Simulink and C code


  • Smallest prototyping system for in-vehicle use
  • Bypass prototyping with Simulink and ETAS calibration products
  • Cost-effective for standalone fleet applications
  • Expandable for CAN, LIN, and FlexRay networks


The ES910 from ETAS is a prototyping and calibration system in a single, compact module the size of a paperback book. After users have created a rapid prototype from Simulink diagrams, they can use ETAS calibration products, including INCA, to measure and log data, as well as change calibration parameters in both the new control strategy and in the ECU code. The ES910 packs a high-performance processor with a range of serial communication channels popular in automotive applications.

The programming of the ES910 is accomplished using INTECRIO. First, the user specifies the candidate control strategy in a Simulink diagram, and then uses Simulink Coder to generate C code from this diagram. The user can use INTECRIO to integrate the resulting C code module with other legacy code, connect the system inputs and outputs to external hardware, and specify the execution schedule and timing. INTECRIO then generates an executable and an ASAP2 calibration file for the ES910. The ES910 also supports users generating production code with Embedded Coder, and integrating state machines and control logic via Stateflow, and Simulink Coder.

Examples of customer applications using the ES910 and INTECRIO are diesel and gasoline engine control systems; chassis control systems, such as ABS and ESP; transmission and driveline control systems; body electronics systems, such as HVAC; and safety systems, such as airbags and steer-by-wire applications.


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