Powerful tool chain for intelligent multimodal HMI development


  • Broad support for specification, modeling, code generation and mass production phases
  • Graphical state chart editor for menu logic control
  • Graphics, effects and animations with a wide set of basic controls
  • Seamless HMI simulation from desktop prototyping to embedded target environments
  • Ability to update HMI application without recompilation
  • Integration with Simulink to drive HMI simulations with real-world models


EB GUIDE is a powerful tool chain for product development of intelligent multimodal human machine interfaces (HMIs) for automotive and selected industry applications. It enables the development of advanced user interfaces with 3D support, animations and effects, as well as multiple languages. EB GUIDE is comprised of the following integrated components:

  • EB GUIDE Studio is a tool for graphical HMI modeling
  • EB GUIDE Speech Extension is a tool add-on for speech enabled user interface design
  • EB GUIDE Graphics Target Framework (GTF) is a runtime for the user interface
  • EB GUIDE Speech Target Framework (STF) is a runtime for enabling speech dialog

EB GUIDE Studio helps users graphically define menu screens and logic control from state charts. Users can develop compelling HMIs with a variety of graphic effects and animations including both vector-based and 3D graphics. Multitouch support enables smartphone-like usability. Path gestures allow system operation with shortcut commands. The tool also has built-in support for model variants, international languages, and customizable skins.

EB GUIDE Speech Extension enables users to fully integrate speech into HMIs including voice control of applications and audio responses.  Users can model their speech dialog and synchronize it with the HMI graphics. The Speech Target Framework (STF) provides speech recognition capabilities for all major use-cases in the automotive sector.

The Graphics Target Framework (GTF) provides a common runtime environment for EB GUIDE HMIs. It can run on the PC Desktop or on an embedded processor. HMI applications interact with the GTF HMI and can access the HMI model’s data. An HMI update can be done simply by copying the updated HMI files to the device.

The GTF supports popular real-time operating systems (QNX, Linux®, MQXTM, Integrity®, Windows® Embedded, etc.) and hardware platforms (FreescaleTM i.MX5x family, Renesas® R-Car, Vybrid, Jacinto 5, , etc.) as well as embedded graphics libraries like OpenGL® ES 2.0 and OpenVG® 1.1. For the latest support information, see the EB GUIDE GTF support from Elektrobit.

The EB GUIDE Extension for use with Simulink® provides a bi-directional link to Simulink allowing users to co-simulate their HMIs with existing models of related subsystems, vehicle dynamics, and real-world driving conditions. Users can define sets of variables whose values are passed between the tools.  The Simulink connectivity is enabled through the EB GUIDE Monitor, which also facilitates remote debugging and logging of HMIs.

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