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MEX: How to modify xml file for unsupported compiler?
Hello, if you just want to modify how $CROOT variable is captured, please search for <locationFinder> in your XML config file, a...

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Code Generation: What's the Best Practice?
Hello, I'm writing a code for comparing multiple numerical optimization algorithms using multiple combination of parameter choi...

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How to move function code to a new file
As your function just scales a picture, there is really no need to put it into a live function. There are 2 simpler ways of defi...

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Update a sparse matrix efficiently
You can refer to the following blog post. It seems that you have reached the optimal efficiency.

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Mex OpenMP C code
Both printf and mexPrintf are not thread-safe and should be avoided in multi-thread OpenMP MEX C codes. You can get more inform...

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Can MEX BLAS library be used for native double matrix in C?
I'm writing C MEX file to do vector-matrix multiplication, clear clc mex simpledgemv.c -R2017b -lmwblas mex simpledgemv_n...

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Mex-files + Visual studio 2013 + openMP cause Matlab crashes
Under Windows, it is not that difficult to use Intel's OpenMP library with Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler. Try use the following...

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