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Fabrice Lambert

Catholic University of Chile

3 2019 이후 총 참여 횟수

Assistant professor in Climatology
Time-series analysis: Noise reduction, extraction of spectral information from noisy data
Interpolation on spherical surfaces: Kriging on a sphere


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How to set colorbar tick labels between ticks
Hi all, The default setup for Matlab colorbar is to set the tick label just next to the tick (below, above, right of, left of)....

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How to add coastlines to plots
lat = -90:90; lon = -180:2:180; Z = peaks(181); contourf(lon,lat,Z); hold on C = load('coast'); plot(C.long,,'k')

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답변 있음 error returned when running ssh command
Hi, I'm having the same problem with the crypto file, haven't found a permanent solution. What works for now is to rename the c...

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