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animatedline connects the first and last point in a plot
I know this is a very old question, but perhaps it will still help someone. The above answer should work (although the line samp...

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How to update a app designer UIAxes plot in real time
I'm facing a similar problem, but I've come a long way since. You could create a line object in the UIAxes, then update it's XDa...

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App Designer won't use discrete graphics card?
So I've been working on an application in the new App Designer (Matlab version 2016b) and have run in to performance problems. I...

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How to update app designer GUI in real time at high refresh rate without stutter/lag?
I'm currently working on an application that simulates a medical monitor. I designed a GUI in matlab's app designer which 1) sho...

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Simulink real-time desktop kernel gone bad.
As Jan Houska explained, the problem seems to be with the windows power plans that get 'corrupted' after a abnormal exit from ma...

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