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Vasco is an Applications Engineer working especially in the fields of physical modeling and Control Design Automation. Before joining the Mathworks in 2016, Vasco worked at Liebherr Machines Bulle where he developed new control functions for different control units using Rapid Prototyping Systems and embedded code real time bypass. He was in charge and completely renew the company's library of physical models (from emission aftertreatment systems to diesel and gas engines) deployed to do real time HIL testing and embedded software validation. Vasco has a BSc as Mechanical Engineer (with participation in the Formula Student competition) and a Master degree in Energy Sciences and Technology, both of them obtained at the ETH Zurich.


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Problems with generating closed loop bode plot for a dc-dc converter
Hi Shardul What workflow are you using to generate the open-liip response? I would take a look at the Frequency Estimator Bloc...

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Dc motor position control
Hi Eleni I think the best approach would be to model the LDR sensors in Simulink as well. I believe you are using Simscape Mult...

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Simulink Switch blocks incompatible with Simscape Specialized Power Systems
Hi Mauricio for simple switch do you mean like a breaker or more of a semiconductor device driven by PWM? Which release? Since...

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hi dears,how to import kinematics from cad design
Hi Ahmed Impressive machine! You would need at least Simscape Multibody R2019a, better yet with the most recent release R2020a...

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How to connect a dc motor simulink model into a structure of simmechanics?
Hi Eleni what you are suggesting goes in the right direction. We do have a multibody example of solar panel tracking if you wa...

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How do I get transfer function of system shown in pic
Hi Sixthsem You can simulate and save to workspace input and output of your system, then use System Identification to generate ...

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Missing mechanical simscape block
Hi Ahmad you need Simscape Driveline to access more sophisticated block. You may or may not have it in your license setup. You ...

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How use Three-Phase Dynamic Load block to generate Power data?
Hi Enmanuel you need to feed P&Q as a timeseries, and not as a vector of elements. In total you will feed a vecotr of size 2, ...

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actuate a revolute joint with a dc motor
Dear Felix There is a free library managed by MathWorks staff that allow you to connect multibody 3d and Simscape 1d simulation...

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Modeling a Hollow Shaft Using Simscape Multibody
Hi Muneer there is a free library on File Exchange that adds lots of parametrized parts to Multibody:

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Balcone MKR1000
Arduino MKR1000 working on my balcon as sensor station and automatic watering plant system.

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Simple Toothed Belt Implementation
Implementation of a simple toothed belt drivetrain

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Given a circular pizza with radius _z_ and thickness _a_, return the pizza's volume. [ _z_ is first input argument.] Non-scor...

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