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code to find the first whole number divisible by 1 to n
the mod function accepts a vector for the second argument, you can use this to check for a sequence of factors, e.g.: if(any(mo...

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Rotate a 3D data cloud to align with one axis
I'm not sure if any built in functions exist for this purpose. However, one mathematical way would be the following: Determin...

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Generate a sector mask within a big matrix
Solution could look like this: % Generate example coordinates x=linspace(-1,1,100); y=fliplr(linspace(-1,1,100)); [X,Y]=me...

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How to change this for loop into parfor loop?
There are two issues in your code that prevent the parfor loop from working. # The matrix data is indexed in a way that matla...

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How to extract numeric data from the text comments using importdata?
There are many ways to accomplish that. You can use string manipulation methods to deal with the possible formats you would ex...

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why after I use the imwrite function, the pixels in the image are changed diferrent? before I convert from double matrix to uint8 matrix ?
This is likely a result from the compression/decompression process involved when saving to a jpg file. Choose a better suited fi...

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Displaying an axis scale in mm rather than pixels
It's a bit tricky without any example data, but this should do the trick. conversion=0.1; % in mm/pixel addMM=@(x) s...

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