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Error creating folder 'C:\Windows\System32\slprj\ert\androidGettingStartedExample\tmwinternal' : ?????
Just change the directory to where your model actually is located

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Mutex in Data Acquisition Toolbox
There are some third party scripts out there to do data access control....

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Gamultiobj output is giving a different cost than when I run the output through again
Hi, my code is running through fine, and I am getting a pareto front output from the algorithm. The problem is that when I run t...

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gamultiobj: How do I minimize one function and maximize the other
To find the maximum, if the function is positive, shift it down (subtract a really big value) such that it is completely negativ...

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The parameters field of an rtp structure built using RSIMGETRTP is empty. Why?
I don't know if this fixes the problem but is your configuration for builidng rsim.tlc?

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Why I can't generate c++ code only using simulink coder?
Probably because it is trying to create an executable out of the code and you can only do that using a compiler. Just add one it...

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systematic: Do not use global, don't use eval
Globals that get redefined by other functions can be a problem. If you are loading a global into the stack of a current function...

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Save all the optimization results from MultiStart and Global Search
You can make your solutions as global variables that get saved into a matrix

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How to apply/check changes in a Simulink Mask via callback?
HI Bjorn, The way you can do this is save your model in MATLAB before running the model: save_system('Autonomous_Dynamic_M...

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Extracting a column of data from a time series
If you made a time series named 'position' for instance you can extract the data by doing: position_vector=position.Data;

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Arduino hardware support package installation location ?
type this in your matlab command line: matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot

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How can I use MATLAB code with BeagleBONE Black?
There are functions that let you control the beaglebone look for "matlab support package for beaglebone"

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Can i call Raspberry matlab commands in simulink
this same issue exists with beaglebone black as there are no blocks that run useful peripherals such as SPI

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Copy/paste not working in MatLab 2013a in Windows 8?
I just restarted Matlab and it worked

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I cannot get MATLAB to see my beaglebone black
Hello, My beaglebone black is connection is verified using the BBB website, although MATLAB and Embedded Encoder cannot see ...

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