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I am an Application Support Engineer at MathWorks and have pursued my Masters in Computer Science.

In my free time, I like playing Pool and Table Tennis.

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Search path changes to default when I run script (ubuntu)
You can make use of the < pathtool> command to change the MATLAB search pa...

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[Solved] R2016a installation on Ubuntu Laptop
Hi Ozan, The same issue is discussed in <

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How to deploy a MATLAB GUI in a web applicaiton
Hi Yusen, You might find <

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MATLAB generates error log in Recyle Bin after every startup
Hi Yunhui, Refer <

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matlab hangs whern starting help browser
Hi Robert, 1) This issue could be caused by the WebRenderer. Before opening the Help Browser for the first time, try executin...

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How to run a while/for loop for a matpower case file?
It is my understanding that you want to change the “Pd”(power) of a bus continuously and see the results using “runpf” function....

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Is there a way to save the figures as .eps files using 'legacy behaviour" in R2016a?
It is my understanding that you have been using Adobe Illustrator to edit MATLAB figures stored in EPS format. However, you are ...

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