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PA Fitting code example
Hi, The code for PA fitting and the DPD model is shipping with RF Blockset. If you have access to R2020b, you will find it as ...

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Antennas, Near-field objects & groundplanes
Hi Chris, I had to slightly change the code to execute it without errors: * removed the for-loop: I am not sure what it is...

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RF Blockset, S-Parameters plot correctly, but produce incorrect simulation response in Simulink
Hi, It is hard to comment without seeing the actual settings of the model. For example, some of the things to check are: *...

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How can i create a multiport network from several 3 port( or more) s-parameters matrixes (rf toolbox)
Hi, You can write a script to import the S-parameters files with the command s1 = sparameters('filename.s3p') and th...

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AD9361 transceiver help
Hi Hamza, It is hard to debug the model without actually seeing it, but I will give it a try. The output of the AD9361 recei...

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Simple voltage divider using rftoolbox
Hi Goay Chan Hong, I think you did not take into account the source and load impedance when computing the transfer function f...

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