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Jason Chen

General Motors Corp

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Experienced control researcher and matlab/simulink user.


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Input a structure variable to a Matlab Function block
Following the following steps to use a structure variable in the base workspace in a Matlab Function: Double click the Matlab F...

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Inverse Dynamics in SimMechanics 2nd Gen
Another example is here.

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How to introduce a rotary motor in simulink multibody
Torque is needed at the revolute joint to make the follower speed stayed constant. Here is how to do it: In the actuation proper...

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Simscape Multibody initial condition
Nicolas Schmit of Mathworks told me the following: Connect the solid to the world frame using a 6DOF joint, and specify the init...

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Simscape Multibody initial condition
I like to use Simscape Multibody to simulate in 3 dimension a solid body subjected to external forces. How can I specify the ini...

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Matlab serial command to read binary data
I want to communicate with an Arduino board using Matlab through a serial port. The Arduino board will transmit 8 bytes of *BINA...

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Delay in Packet Output under Real-Time Windows Target
I tried to verify the real time capability of the Real Time Windows Target. I built a Simulink model that send out a data from a...

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