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How I can run my Simulink project in a ESP 32 board, as it is done with Arduino?
You would generate code for the model. You can use Simulink Function block to help you with packaging. Generated c code file wil...

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How do I find built in sounds?

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Removing all highlightning programmatically
This is better - the same as right-click -> Remove Highlighting SLStudio.Utils.RemoveHighlighting(get_param(bdroot,'handle'))

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How to open SLDD parameter editor dialog programatically?
I'd like to know how to open variable editor programatically. I think that the function responsible is slddEntryDDG([],[],[...

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CAN unpack generate code
For me CAN unpack is also inefficient. It generates global variables for signals that I am not using (terminated). And they are ...

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Simulink callbacks when modifying model
Is there any callback available when user make change to the model? I need to know if there was change made within subsystem. Eq...

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