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Matilda S

IFET College of Engineering

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Matilda.S, B.E. (Hons) M.S and Ph.D in Computer Networks and Communication . She was awarded the sixth university rank during her undergraduate study. Her research interest includes Wireless Networks, Cross-layer design methods, enhancing QoS, Network Simulation tools, Buffer design, network analysis tools and big data. She has over twenty years experience She has also obtained the coveted Cambridge International Certificate for Teachers and Trainers in Engineering. She has been certified by Dale Carnegie for High Impact Teaching Skills.
She has thirteen publications to her credit. She is Reviewer for Journal of Communication, Publisher, Reviewer and Evaluator of session plans for Mission 10X Program of Wipro Technologies Limited and Academy Head of Cisco for the conduct of CCNA Course.She is a life member of ISTE, IAENG and senior member of IACSIT. Currently she is the Vice Principal and Dean Academics of IFET College of Engineering.


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