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Input for U-NET segmentation
1) Look into imageDataStore, pixelLabelDataStore functions which can basically store your input image and corresponding masks ...

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I want to find the end point coordinates of the major axis of a 3D object?
There is no 3D equivalent of regionprops to find major and minor axis. You could find the eigenvalues of your 3D point cloud wh...

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convert cell array with struct information to struct
There is a *cell2struct* function structArray = cell2struct(cellArray, fields, dim)

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How to calculate the contrast energy, entropy of a ROI(Region of interest) of an image using GLCM feature extractactions method?
The *graycomatrix* function has a '*GrayLimits*' argument where you can specify a two-element vector [low high] which is used fo...

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how to return array of images from a function
Try bwlabel(2D) or bwlabeln(3D or higher). Each segmented chunk will be assigned a number label. It returns the label matrix t...

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