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Gergely Takács

Slovak University of Technology

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My name is Gergely Takács and I am a research scientist. I am a very curious person: I like good ideas and I am fascinated by technology. I also like simple solutions and creating things that have never existed before. Professional Interests: model predictive control, vibration attenuation, state and parameter estimation


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Arduino Support Package vs. Adafruit M4 Express
Hello, I've noticed that the Arduino Support Packages interacts with the Arduino IDE itself. Does anyone know where can I find ...

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Can nlgreyest() estimate open-loop unstable models?
I am attempting to create a nonlinear grey-box model based on an open-loop unstable model, for which data was gathered in a clos...

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Analyzing Saleae Logic Analyse Data in MATLAB
The data format exported by Saleae Logic is quite interesting. To plot a signal, you need two variables from the export: ``digit...

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Simulink hangs on connecting to Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 in certain models
Dear reader; Most of my Simulink models for the Arduino Mega 2560 hang after a successful download upon connecting to the tar...

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Error downloading Simulink Model to Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3
Hello all; I have used this procedure and the external mode does work with certain very simple models. For example an analog ...

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Getting error while running Arduino in external mode in simulink(r2012b)
Hello all; Same problem here. The external mode does work with certain very simple models. For example an analog input>double...

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