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Replace cell array based on condition
Use cellfun: tfReplace = cellfun(@(c) any(any(c>5)), A, 'UniformOutput', true); A{tfReplace} = B;

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Why do I get the error “Index exceeds matrix dimensions.”?
you set hour = n; and then construct SOC_trajectory = optimconstr (n, 1); and then finally you iterate for i = 1:hour ...

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How to represent ln in matlab?
The natural logarithm is simply log

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how to generate overlapping series
Try this packages = nan(19, 2000); for i = 1:19 packages(i,:) = data((i-1)*1500+1: i*1500+500); end However there will b...

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Variable Number of Input Arguments
If you want variable number of inputs use nargin here function too_young = under_age(age, limit) if nargin < 2 li...

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Calculate the cube sqrt?
nthroot(0.18, 3)

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One ode, two differential equations
As far as I can tell from your code, the righthanded side of your differential equations is the same. Meaning you have the syste...

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sum of products skipping an index
Hello everyone, I have difficulties efficiently implementing the following equation: For Inputs: a,b,c 1xN doubles I want ...

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