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How to assign a different color to lines being plotted in a loop?
You can make a cell array for each color you want and the pull from it colors = {['red'],['blue']} for rep = 1:2 plot((x,...

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while loop for a date input
When you assign variables, it's variable = action; When you assigned date1 to a 0, it's stays that way. What you want i...

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For loop changing variables and comparing results
time_range = 10; y = zeros(1,time_range); for x = 0.5:0.5:1 for t = 1:1:length(time_range) x = 0.5; y...

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Values of an array should be equal to or greater than the value before - values of array in relation to one another
So if I have a matrix of cases = [1:10,9], you can use a for loop to go through each number in the matrix and check that it is g...

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