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Count smaller than 15 cells in the table coulumns
The easiest way would be to just scan the table with for/while loop and increment the number of cells when the if condition is m...

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Matrix dimensions must agree
The length of the vectors mentioned in error does not match. You need trim the longer one to the size of shorter one.

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Smoothing jumps when using unwrap()
Hello, I need to use atan() function in my code. That results into zig-zag kind of type result when plotting. Therefore I used ...

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Adding and subtracting values inside tables
Hi, You can just use mean(). Like that: clc; clear all; A = [2.189091 2.071748 1.663721 1.579909 1.542135 1.118777]; B = [-...

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multiple loop and produce infinite loop
This one works for me: G = 100:1:1000; k = 4; j = 1; i = 1 while j <= k for n = i:40 if G(i,11) =...

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Problem with plot function
Hi, Works for me. Probably you clear your workspace before running this part of the code. Therefore the x is not found. x = ...

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