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I am an Application software engineer at Mathworks.
my area of interest includes soft computing algorithm, application of deep learning especially in medical imaging. Image and Video processing.

Disclaimer: Any opinion here are my own and in no way reflect that of Mathworks

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SURF features from RGB
Hi Olivia, Bag of features also uses the same “detectSURF” function to detect the surf features. Although you are storing RGB i...

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Importing Caffe network error ' Scale layer without a preceding BatchNorm layer'
If we see the original paper of Batch Normalization, the author mentioned that, “we make sure that the transformation inserted i...

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Cost in fitcecoc input
I am not sure what LabelsRed variable is in your code but let’s just assume you have defined misclassification cost matrix corre...

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Relative Gain Array(RGA) for Laplacian matrix ( which have zero eigenvalues )
Generally, RGA is calculated for non-singular matrices but in some specific cases similar idea can be expanded to singular matri...

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How can I do mutli-class classification with the 3D Unet ?
Multiclass classifiers are very similar to binary classifier, you may need to change the last layer of your model to make the mu...

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error in handle when save multiple figures
If we look at the error Handle input argument contains non handle values A non-handle value is passed when it expected a han...

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How to create inputs and targets for Neural Network?
Hi,Lauren “detectSURFFeatures” function is just a feature extraction tool, it will help you to extract important information ab...

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problem with using Gabor filter to segment floor
I understand that you want to segment out some texture from the image which is floor in your case. Gabor filters are traditional...

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