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Nirvik Sinha

Northwestern University

Last seen: 약 1달 전 2020 이후 활성

Nirvik Sinha is currently a doctoral student at the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Center, Northwestern University. With his clinical and engineering background he has a versatile set of skills tailored to conduct research in interdisciplinary neuroscience. His primary areas of interest are rehabilitation robotics, computational neuroscience, systems neuroscience and neurobiology of movement disorders. His work centers around bridging the gap between basic and clinical sciences in these areas.


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Does the MATLAB function wcoherence compute significance of the coherence values?
On the basis of what I understand from the literature, significant values need to be computed by doing Monte-Carlo simulations ...

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How to turn a string into a line of differential equation for ode45?
You can use eval for this purpose instead of symbolic math: eq1_string=['-(2*Y(5)*sin(Y(2))*(12*Y(6) - 115*Y(4)*cos(Y(2))))/(12...

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How to do Fourier Transform of point processes like spike trains? Is there any special function or is it just the fft function?
In analysing spike trains (vector of 0s and 1s) in the frequency domain is there a designated way to do the Fourier transform? I...

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