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Professional Interests: model-based SW development, agile software development, optimization, modeling, statistics, OR, IA, engine calibration


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Is it possible to save/get a Layout of docked figures?
Hello As explained by Yair Altman it is possible to set a Layout of docked figures, for example as follows: desktop =

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Programatically change DTDocumentBar position
This post might help you a little bit:

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Why does QUESTDLG return the wrong button string if I use the TAB key to switch between different buttons and then hit the Return key using MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)?
This issue can be fixed easily by adding/editing 2 lines in questdlg: in the KeyPressFcn callback: function cb_KeyPressFcn...

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superscript and subscript for figure 'name'
Copy/paste the upperscript character: figure('Name','SHM²');

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How to change starting direction in Matlab 2012a?
Create a Matlab Shortcut with a Start-in directory option.

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How to add a menu or Button to Matlab Editor?
Has someone any idea how to add a menu to the Matlab Editor? Or how to add a button to the Toolbar of the Matlab Editor? Many ...

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Help: MATLAB command to close Model Explorer
simulink close;

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