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code generation with grt.tlc creates private header file
The generation of model_private.h can be avoided by setting File Packaging Format to Compact. This option is available under: ...

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How to resolve this error "Code generation does not support mxArrays inside cell arrays"
Cell arrays cannot contain mxarrays. In a cell array, you cannot store a value that an extrinsic function returns. This is one o...

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How to make the inports or outports organized as bitfields in the generaed code
When you select the model configuration parameter Pack Boolean data into bitfields, Embedded Coder packs the Boolean signals int...

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Static code metrics report was not successfully generated because of the following errors
The following are the limitations of Static Code Metrics Report: Static code metrics are not available if the target configurat...

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How do I run my code in the flash memory of TI C2000 board F28335 With docking station CCS v5
1. Check the option "Boot From Flash (stand alone execution)" after selecting Hardware Board, System Target File, Device Name et...

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embedded coder for Micro controller
1. The following link refers to PDF documentation related to Embedded Coder Product:

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