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Opening property inspector disables UIcontrols
I have a custom UI, when I want to debug or instect an item anywhere in the UI with the Property Inspector, UI controls such as ...

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How to plot a Map with 2 dimensional colorbar?
I don't think Matlab has anything that can do this nativly, but I will follow just incase any has a better idea then me. My tho...

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could anyone help me how to update the array values with respect to the following arrays
B(1,:) = mean(A(C == 1,:)); B(2,:) = mean(A(C == 2,:)); B(3,:) = mean(A(C == 3,:)); Or you can put it in a for loop. for ii ...

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How to Count occurrences?
strcmpi ignors case Cheers Alaster

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Matlab leaking memory?
Below is an attempt at cleaning some memory from Matlab, it seems that "clear all" is giving me less memory. I am using a custo...

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