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How to build a simulink model which can generate HDL coder to resize images or videos?
For HDL code generation - it really depends on if you want resize up or down. If you are using a live video signal (with horizo...

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hw/sw Co-Design Workflow and UDP communication between Zynq zedboard and host computer
You are heading in the right direction here. I think you should consolidate your UDP Send/Recv blocks so there are only one eac...

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Pixhawk Video Tutorial with matlab simulink
You will need to become familiar with the PX4 open source flight stack and write your own S-Functions that communicate via the u...

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How to subtract?
*&plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn* * Imagine you need to subtract one...

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How can I sovle about external mode problem?
JaeYeong, You will also need to make sure that you are setting the correct serial port parameters in the model. You need to se...

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Pixhawk PX4 to support analog sensor I/O?
Thanks Jones99. We are always looking at ways to improve the support we have for the Pixhawk FMU. For advanced Simulink Us...

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Pixhawk PX4 Support - Vehicle GPS block parameters
Tony, This is the sample time of the block in the Simulink model. This is basically saying that the data will be sampled at 25...

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