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Enables importing of HP/Agilent/Keysight Standard Data Format (SDF) files within MATLAB and Octave.

We present the ‘SDF Importer’, a package developed to enable reading of HP/Agilent/Keysight Standard Data Format (SDF) files within MATLAB and Octave.We provide a brief introduction to the package’s

Imports Thermo FTIR time series data (.SRS files) into MATLAB

The data file is imported into 3 numeric arrays: Spectra, Wavenumbers and Time. Series_Info is a cell array containing the acquisition information from the file header. The spectral range and



by Felix

Felix (view profile)

Parses a Modelica result file into a nested tree structure in Matlab

parsed into arrays in Matlab. res = modelicaImport(path, regex);eg. res.object.subObject.variableeg. res.object.subobject(1).variableThis function is pretty much a byproduct of a simulation project I did

This example is explaining how to import or export different data types for MATLAB function in Visual Studio

how to import correct data type to MATLAB function in Visual Studio.2) how to read the data type exported from MATLAB function in Visual Studio. For this example, it expects you know how to

Heart Sound Classification demo as explained in the Machine Learning eBook update

Multiaxial fatigue analysis code

Atomistic Topology Operations in Matlab, scripts for manipulation of molecular dynamics or monte carlo simulation systems

files:List_all_functions.mList_build_functions.mList_export_functions.mList_general_functions.mList_import_functions.mList_forcefield_functions.m % The atom scripts can read and write basic .pdb .xyz and gromacs .gro structure files as well as write basic .itp and .psf topology files with bonds and angles across the PBC. The can also

Automated data importing tool with time series management and visualization capabilities

This code library facilitates importing most of EUROSTAT macroeconomic data directly into Matlab. Time series manipulation and advanced plotting functionality have been implemented using special

eBook: 機械学習をマスターする: MATLAB ステップ・バイ・ステップ ガイド で紹介するデモプログラムファイル

Modular components and controls to efficiently develop advanced user interfaces in MATLAB.

High-level relational database interface for MATLAB


version 1.0.0

by Simon W

SpinW Matlab library for spin wave calculation

With the M-File catman_read binary catman DAQ files can be read in directly.

Contact force models and force laws for use with Simscape Multibody (formerly SimMechanics).

Algorithms for estimation of respiratory rate from the electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram

Software support package for importing pretrained Caffe Models

This software support package provides functions for importing pretrained models as well as layers of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) from Caffe (http://caffe.berkeleyvision.org/). Pretrained

A Matlab Toolkit for Macroeconomic Models using Value Function Iteration

Tire test data is processed and Magic Formula coefficients are calculated.



by tetonedge

tetonedge (view profile)

MATLAB library for elastic functional data analysis

This MATLAB code optimizes Prony parameters for FE-simulation which are generated from DMA measurements of viscoelastic polymer material.

Downloads the 'Penn World Table' and 'Maddison Project Database" from the web and places the information into Matlab variables.

economists working on economic growth and development. This project offers two functions, ImportPWT and ImportMPD, that download the respective data from the University of Groningen website

Raman spectroscopy is used non-invasively to screen diabetic patients, using ANN, PCA & SVM

Imports LabView .lvm data files into MATLAB

National Instruments LabView software has a native file format called LabView Measurement File (LVM, extension .lvm). This m-file, lvm_import.m, reads LVM files and imports the data into the MATLAB

DynaSim simplifies the process of building and simulating models of dynamical systems.

All Files for the Student Competitions - Physical Modeling Training

SimulationPart 7: Building Components Part 8: Building Mechanical Assemblies, Section 1 Part 9: Building Mechanical Assemblies, Section 2 Part 10: Importing CAD Models into SimMechanics Part 11: Design

Example files for system-level simulation and control design of robot manipulators.

Import pretrained Keras model for prediction and transfer learning

The importer for the TensorFlow-Keras models would enable you to import a pretrained Keras model and weights. You can then use this model for prediction or transfer learning. Alternatively, you can

Examples to get started with MATLAB and Simulink for RoboNation competitions

These files provide visual configuration of the electric network and its components.

MDF Import Tool and Function - with resampling/interpol​ation - Updated for Matlab 2017


Predictive maintenance algorithm developed using digital twin of hydraulic pump modeled in Simscape

algorithm. Mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical parameters are all defined in MATLAB which lets you easily resize the pump. The pump housing is imported from CAD. Please read the README.txt file to get

Importing and Visualizing Video (Chapter 1) of the Computer Vision for Student Competition Teams

Learn how to import and visualize video from a file or camera. This is necessary before learning how to use any computer vision algorithms. The specific topics that will be discussed are: *

Backhoe model, including hydraulic actuators for arm and bucket tilt, and multibody dynamics.

Extend Simscape Multibody models with physical effects spanning multiple physical domains.

Demo files for predictive maintenance (PdM)



by David Groppe

MATLAB & Bash Scripts for localizing and interactivity visualizing intracranial electrode data

Matlab class to import HEKA Patchmaster files

HEKA Patchmaster ImporterClass to import HEKA Patchmaster files into Matlab.The core functionality is based on the HEKA importer from sigTool (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2015.10.042 and

3D Volumetric fMRI visualization

Matlab fonctions to read and write SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) files to and from Matlab structures

A FEM code for solving linear, static, 2D plane stress elasticity problems using Q4 elements.

Interface for using finite elements in electromagnetic brain imaging applications

The Simulink-to-Stateflow tool translates Simulink block diagrams into Stateflow state charts.

Simple tool for finite element based forward and inverse simulations in electromagnetic brain imaging applications.

MFA with a different type of pseudoinverse

Automated analysis of spike count frequency, io curves and AP properties from WinWCP files.

Extracts contents of an STDF (Standard Test Data Format) file, per the STDF Specification V4. Original author: Ryan Gamble

** This tool was originally written by Ryan Gamble. I did some recent bug fixes. **importSTDF.m extracts test data and information fields from each binary record in an STDF file, returning each

Monthly Climatic Data of the World

Geoimaging tool for small celestial bodies


version 1.0.0

by Kevin

A function to calculate the molecular descriptor R3m (R-GETAWAY third order autocorrelation index weighted by atomic mass).

distance matrix (R). This is accomplished by calling the following subfunctions: ImportSDF, MolecMatrix, EuclidDistance, MolecInfluenceMatrix, and InfluenceDistanceMat. This function currently only works for

These two functions imports and plots the type of .xvg files that the MD package Gromacs uses for some of its text-based data output.

These two functions imports and plots the type of .xvg files that the MD package Gromacs uses for some of its text-based data output. The functions tries to read the names/labels of the plotted data

Side-Channel Analysis Toolbox

MATLAB Schemer


by Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe (view profile)

Apply and save color schemes in MATLAB with ease.

MATLAB Schemer makes it easy to change the color scheme (a.k.a. theme) of the MATLAB display and GUI.You can use Schemer to import a predefined color scheme, transfer your color settings between

Efficient viewing and exploration of large Digital Elevation Models

display portions data included in a DEM. Currently, DEMs must be imported from an ARC ASCII grid or can be read directly from a Bathymetric Attributed Grid (*.bag) file. More info in help content below:

MATLAB/Simulink integration for the source control management tool Mercurial

A customized and flexible function to Import Excel Data to workspace using ActiveX.

The function helps to load data in full or in part from an excel file to the matlab workspace. The User can chose full file/the number of columns /number of rows and columns for the import. Full file



by Lorenzo C.

A session manager (also with User Interface) saving working directory, path and editor files.

Performs conversions csv to mat, and mat to csv. Works for csv files with and without header information.

The main function takes no parameters and prompts the user to select the type of csv file operation to be performed. ImportCSV - Prompts the user to select a csv file in current folder. It imports

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