Gridded NORA3 data: automated and remote data extraction

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Matlab script to read the NORA3 atmosphere hindcast and interpolate the mean wind speed profiles

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Gridded NORA3 data: automated and remote data extraction

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The NORA3 atmosphere hindcast data are remotely accessed using the OPeNDAP framework and the THREDDS Data Server of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute [1]. If the data are extracted for multiple latitudes and longitudes, the data are stored in a gridded format. The atmospheric data are retrieved for seven different heights, from 10 m to 750 m above the surface. The mean wind speed profile can be interpolated using a non-linear scheme based on the Deaves and Harris model [2,3]. Above the ocean, the sea roughness is modelled using the Charnock relation. A summary of the NORA3 data and their potential is available in [4]. This code was used to extract the data used in [5].


The present submission contains

  • getNORA3.m: A function that imports the NORA3 hindcast from [1]
  • getz0_charnock.m: A function that estimates the roughness of the sea surface using Charnock's equation and the logarithmic profile of the mean wind speed.
  • interpU.m: A function that interpolates the mean wind speed using The Deaves and Harris model [2,3]
  • world.mat: A data file that contains the coastline of countries (used for visualization purpose only)
  • Documentation.mlx: A Matlab LiveScript that illustrates how these functions can be used

Any comment, question or suggestion is welcome



[2] Harris, R. I., & Deaves, D. M. (1980, November). The structure of strong winds, wind engineering in the eighties. In Proc. CIRIA Conf.

[3] ESDU. (1985). ESDU 85020-Characteristics of atmospheric turbulence near the ground. Part II: single point data for strong winds (neutral atmosphere.

[4] Solbrekke, I. M., Sorteberg, A., & Haakenstad, H. (2021). Norwegian hindcast archive (NORA3)–A validation of offshore wind resources in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea. Wind Energy Science Discussions, 1-31.

[5] Cheynet, E., Solbrekke, I. M., Diezel, J. M., & Reuder, J. A one-year comparison of new wind atlases over the North Sea.Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2362 (1), 012009


Mean wind speed at 10 m above the surface in Northern Europe

인용 양식

Cheynet, Etienne, et al. “A One-Year Comparison of New Wind Atlases over the North Sea.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 2362, no. 1, IOP Publishing, Nov. 2022, p. 012009, doi:10.1088/1742-6596/2362/1/012009.

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