xolotl neuron and network simulator

버전 21.5.9 (2.9 MB) 작성자: Srinivas Gorur Shandilya
xolotl: a fast and powerful neuron and network simulator

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업데이트 날짜: 2021/5/9

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xolotl is a free-to-use, fast and intuitive neuron and network simulator for MATLAB.

xolotl is a fast single-compartment and
multi-compartment simulator written in C++ with
a MATLAB interface that you'll actually enjoy using.

Why use xolotl? This is why:


xolotl is FAST

xolotl is written in C++, and it's fast. In our testing, it's
more than 3 times faster than NEURON for single
compartment neurons.


xolotl is easy to use

Want to set up a Hodgkin-Huxley model, inject current,
integrate it and plot the voltage trace? This is all you need:

x = xolotl;
x.add('compartment', 'HH','A', 0.01);
x.HH.add('liu/NaV', 'gbar', 1000);
x.HH.add('liu/Kd', 'gbar', 300);
x.HH.add('Leak', 'gbar', 1);
x.I_ext = .2;


xolotl has documentation

Unlike certain widely used NEURON simulators that
shall remain nameless, xolotl has documentation that actually...


xolotl is fully programmable

xolotl is designed to be used from within MATLAB. It
gives you the best of both worlds: the high performance
of C++ compiled code with the rich power of all the toolboxes
MATLAB has to offer. You can:

* write functions that pass models as arguments
* optimize parameters of neuron models using the Global Optimization Toolbox
* run simulations in parallel across multiple computers
* have a single script to run the simulation and analyze results

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Srinivas Gorur Shandilya (2022). xolotl neuron and network simulator (https://github.com/sg-s/xolotl/releases/tag/21.5.9), GitHub. 검색됨 .

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