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Rebalance your financial portfolio on browser

version 1.0.1 (998 KB) by michio
Using MATLAB generated optimization algorithm in JavaScript to rebalance the portfolio

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Updated 23 Apr 2020

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This is a practice mini-project to learn HTML, JavaScript, and WebAssembly.

Nonlinear optimization is used to rebalance the financial portfolio, where MATLAB's fmincon is implemented as a form of WebAssembly, through "Generate JavaScript Using MATLAB Coder" version 2.0.2 by Geoff McVittie. The tool allows you to create JavaScript/WebAssembly libraries from MATLAB projects using MATLAB Coder.

You can find the tool here:

Step 1. Creating your portfolio
Option 1: You can start from [Upload Sample Data] and then add/delete to create your own.

Option 2: Upload csv file. See sampleData2Upload.csv for file format.

You can modify "ticker", "qty", and "target%" only. When modifying or add 'ticker' the price updates itself.

Step 2. Setting budget
Specify the amount that you would like to spend on this rebalancing. Please note that rebalancing will be achieved by buying only.

Step 3. Perform optimization
Click [Rebalance]

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michio (2020). Rebalance your financial portfolio on browser (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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