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Inverse Isoparametric Mapping for 8 Noded (C3D8) Elements

version 1.0.0 (1.66 KB) by Sergio Dempsey
Computes isoparametric coordinates of a cartesian point inside an 8-noded element using nonlinear least squares fitting.


Updated 17 May 2019

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This function computes the coordinates of a point in cartesian space to it's isoparametric coordinates. This is particularly useful if you're doing deformable registration with biomechanical modoels or initializing rebar in isoparametric space in software's such as ABAQUS

Inputs:U is the point you want to get isoparametric location for
Format:row vector 3x1 [x,y,z]

Nodes are the 8 nodes required to define the hexahedral element
Format: 8x3 matrix, [Node1,Node2,...Node8] where nodes are column
vectors and ordered according to the isoparametric node

Outputs: p=[s,t,u], a 3x1 column vector of the isoparametric coordinates

Comments: By changing the lower and upper bounds of the optimization you can also solve for points out of the element.

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Sergio Dempsey (2019). Inverse Isoparametric Mapping for 8 Noded (C3D8) Elements (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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