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Aligning Your Misaligned Image/imagess of a tall building or large scene Using Simplest Calculation of Homography Matrix Estimation using SV

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It is the simplest implementation of Homography in Matlab using SVD. To change the image Just Type image name instead of 'notredame':
1. First you have to chooose 4 source points. (points to be moved)
2. Then you have to choose 4 destination points.
3. Then you will see transformed image, now you have to select 4 corners of image to crop it automatically for you.
4. The resultant image will be saved automatically as aligned image appended with name of image

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Hazoor Ahmad (2022). Aligning-Your-Misaligned-Images-of-a-tall-building-or-large- (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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