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Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) Article Bibliography Cited References Frequency

version (2.56 KB) by Vincent Scalfani
WoS_bib_CR_Freq is a data analysis script that analyzes the Cited-References field in BibTeX files.


Updated 02 Jul 2018

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WoS_bib_CR_Freq is a small bibliometrics data analysis script that inputs
Web of Science BibTeX article bibliographic records and then counts the
number of times each reference is cited with the BibTex Cited-References field.
Algorithm for WoS_bib_CR_Freq:
1. Input "Full Record and Cited References" WoS BibTex file.
2. Extract out all data within each "Cited-References" field.
3. Extract out only the Journal/Reference Title from result in step 2.
4. Calculate frequency of Journal/Reference Titles and sort.

Compile and use your own WoS BibTex data for this script:

In order to make real use of this script, you will want to collect
your own data from Web of Science. One potential Workflow is to use the
Organization-Enhanced search field and limit to the desired Institution,
document type, and year range. You should then export the records as

Save to Other File Formats > Full Record and Cited References > BibTeX

Web of Science only allows you to export 500 records at a time, so you will
need to repeat this if more records are needed for your data analysis. The
individual BibTeX files can then be combined into one file. I used the
following method:

1. Convert the .bib extension to .txt. This can be completed manually or
programmatically. I use the Windows rename command from within Matlab,
just make sure you only apply it to the correct directory! Here is the

!ren *.bib *.txt;

2. Next, you will need to combine each text file into one file. Again, you
can do this manually or programmatically in Matlab (on Windows) as follows:

system('copy/b *.txt combined_file.txt')

Sample Output from WoS_bib_CR_Freq, first 10 only shown:

Journal_Uniq Freq_Number Freq_Percent
______________________ ___________ ____________

'PHYS REV D' 13094 2.5592
'PHYS REV LETT' 8672 1.6949
'PHYS LETT B' 8146 1.5921
'ASTROPHYS J' 7975 1.5587
'J HIGH ENERGY PHYS' 6451 1.2609
'MON NOT R ASTRON SOC' 4025 0.78669
'J CHEM PHYS' 3927 0.76753
'EUR PHYS J C' 3887 0.75972
'J AM CHEM SOC' 3667 0.71672
'NUCL PHYS B' 3439 0.67215
'SCIENCE' 3231 0.6315

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Vincent Scalfani (2020). Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) Article Bibliography Cited References Frequency (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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