Predictive Maintenance in Hydraulic Pump

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Predictive maintenance algorithm developed using digital twin of hydraulic pump modeled in Simscape

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This example models a triplex pump with a predictive maintenance algorithm that can detect which parts of the pump are failing simply by monitoring the pump output pressure.
The Simscape model of the pump can be configured to model degraded behavior due to seal leakage, blocked inlets, bearing wear, and broken motor windings. MATLAB code shows how to accelerate testing by reusing results from previous simulations. The model can be used to generate training data for the machine learning algorithm and can be used to test the deployed algorithm. MATLAB Live Scripts show you how to develop the algorithm.
Mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical parameters are all defined in MATLAB which lets you easily resize the pump. The pump housing is imported from CAD.
Please read the file to get started.
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See how to model a fluid actuation system in Simscape (7 min):
Try these free, hands-on tutorials to learn how to use Simscape:
Read the e-book “Predictive Maintenance with MATLAB”
Find other Simscape examples by searching posts for the keyword "physical modeling"
Learn more about MathWorks Simscape Products:

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