Arduino Weather Station IoT (ThingSpeak)

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Standalone Arduino Weather Station that's uploading data directly to ThingSpeak

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Submission includes:
- Weather Station Simulink models for Arduino (ThingSpeak Edition for deploy and Serial Edition for testing)
- Serial Monitor model (requires Instrument Control Toolbox)
- Live Script with simple analysis of data stored in ThingSpeak
To run models you need Arduino Additional Sensors Library (DHT, LPS331) toolbox:
If you're working with Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 (w5500) please install appropriate support package:

* Please note, that this submission will not work on low-perfomance boards like Arduino Uno. But it works great on Arduino Mega 2560 *

HARDWARE that I use:
- Arduino Mega 2560
- Amperka Ethernet Shield (w5500)
- Amperka Troyka Slot Shield
- TMP36 Analog Thermometer (Amperka Troyka-module)
- LPS331 I2C Barometer (Amperka Troyka-module)
- GL5528 Light Sensor (Amperka Troyka-module)
- Analog Sound Sensor (Amperka Troyka-module)
- DHT11 Temperarute-Humidity Sensor (Amperka Troyka-module)

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Pavel Roslovets (2022). Arduino Weather Station IoT (ThingSpeak) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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