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Prime numbers

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Updated 26 Mar 2017

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searches for all primes up to input "max". I have optimized this as much as I can. Any suggestions on how to increase performance will be appreciated. Looking to get to 1B faster. estimated it would take around 2 hrs on my machine

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p(1)=false;% 1 is not considered prime
for n=1:floor(max/2)
if ~p(n),continue,end %if already non-prime, skip
p((n*2):n:end)=false; %mark multiples as non-prime

This prime sieve gets to 1B on my machine in under a minute, I didn't test how long your code would take, but it is a lot slower.


substantial performance increase coming soon. 1B may be back on the table.


after some more testing I have determined extrapolation is a very bad idea and I cannot predict solution time for larger values. 1B is probably out of the question.


added prime tag

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