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Performs Romberg integration


Updated 13 Jan 2019

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Call Romberg.m to perform Romberg integration with specified tolerance and gives results
Call RombergDisp.m to display Romberg integration scheme coefficients
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function [I] = Romberg(func,a,b,tol,kmax)
Romberg integrates function "func" of one variable and nonsingular
from "a" to "b" with tolerance "tol" and maximum order of "kmax".
0 < tol < 1 & kmax > 0. Using Romberg integration.
I = Romberg(@func,a,b,tol,kmax)
I = Romberg(@func,a,b,tol) , default kmax = 15
I = Romberg(@func,a,b) , default tol = 1e-10 , default kmax = 15
I = Romberg(@sin,0,pi)
I = 2.000000000000000
function [] = RombergDisp(func,a,b,k)
Romberg integrates function "func" of one variable and nonsingular
from "a" to "b" with order of "k" and displays all results.
k >= 0. Using Romberg integration.
I = RombergDisp(@func,a,b,k)
1.570796326794897 2.094395102393195
1.896118897937040 2.004559754984421 1.998570731823836

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Pit Max

Pit Max

Mazin Mustafa

To Anthony Wright
Can you write an example of what you are trying to do?

Anthony Wright

keeps giving an error when publishing:

Error in Romberg (line 9)

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