App Designer: Instrument Control over Serial (Arduino)

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Control Arduino RGB LED over serial using MATLAB App Designer

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This is an example of how you can use App Designer tool to build program to control any hardware over supported protocol (i.e. serial).

Execute in MATLAB:

App Designer has visual instrumentation components (knobs, swithes, etc.) so it allows you to build interactive apps for instrument control.
The submission contains a scheme of Arduino based simple device with RGB LED and photoelectric cell. Simulink program for Arduino is provided (requires Arduino Support Package).
With interactive program you can control the RGB LED color and observe illuminance level over the serial connection.
Instrument Control Toolbox is required for optional features.


Also there is a describing video (on Rissian, for old version):

* Please note that app versions for old releases aren't maintained and are presented just for legacy *

인용 양식

Pavel Roslovets (2022). App Designer: Instrument Control over Serial (Arduino) (, GitHub. 검색됨 .

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