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Exploring Risk Contagion using Graph Theory and Markov Chains

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Describe, visualize and model sector risk contagion for a portfolio of securities


Updated 29 Mar 2017

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This submission contains all code and data used in the technical article "Exploring Risk Contagion Using Graph Theory and Markov Chains"

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Ken Deeley (2020). Exploring Risk Contagion using Graph Theory and Markov Chains (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ken Deeley

Davide, Sheng Mo,
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Error using tabular/numArgumentsFromSubscript (line 78)
Unrecognized table variable name 'internal'.

Please help on this error. I'm using R2020a

Al K


Hi,dear author Ken Deeley,forgive the poor English firstly. I just want to know if your method about "Exploring Risk Contagion using Graph Theory and Markov Chains" can be used in reseraches of infectious diseases, tks, a stupid student of medicical school. I hope you will contact me.

Caxap Puc

Caxap Puc

Ken Deeley

The centrality function associated with graph objects is available in R2016a onwards.

Alex Faliv

hi, could you please check the existence of a function named "centrality"


Added a link to the published article in the description box.

Updated license

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