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Phase Based Binarization of Ancient Document Images

version (8.57 MB) by Manu BN
A Matlab code to Binarize Noisy Ancient Document Images


Updated 20 Jan 2016

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The code works on both Printed and Handwritten Noisy Ancient Document Images.
How to run ??
1. Unzip and place all the contents in the Matlab path
2. Right click on Dataset folder and add all selected folders and subfolders
3. Run Phase_GUI.m and select an image in Dataset folder
4. In the dialogue box type 1 for Edges or 2 for Edges+Corners and observe results
5. Observe the results and increasing PSNR values
The code is loosely based on the following two papers, please cite and give credit to the authors.

[1] Nafchi, H. Ziaei, Reza Farrahi Moghaddam, and Mohamed Cheriet. "Phase-based binarization of ancient document images: Model and applications." Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on 23.7 (2014): 2916-2930.

[2] Kovesi, Peter. "Phase preserving denoising of images." signal 4.3 (1999): 1.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Thanks in Advance,

Manu B.N

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Comments and Ratings (24)

Manu BN

You are correct.
Equation 15 in the paper explains it all

Sir in PC formulae we are using sensitive phase deviation , in that what is meant by mean phase angle

The smallest scale £lter has the largest bandwidth, and as such will give the strongest noise response

means it will cover more range of frequenies so the noise can easily detected

i understand like this sir , is it correct or not

Manu BN

Phase means phase angle, which is the reference used throughout the project. All the binarization is done w.r.t to phase.

I suggest you go through both the papers in detail, i.e every line of it to get a good understanding.

sir what exactly phase means in this project

Manu BN

Log Gabor is used to find the even & odd components of the Image. Later the phase angle = tan_inverse(odd/even) and Amplitude = sqrt(even_squared + odd_squared);
Go thro this paper in detail :

sir can you please explain what is the importance of log gabour wavelets in this project, and main usage of that filter

Manu BN

@ Sind: The no of scales and orientations are mentioned in the paper [1]. For their significance go through paper [2].
Do lots of trial and error.

how can we take the number of scales and orientations , on what basis we can decide that, and please explain their significance

Manu BN

Kovesi, Peter. "Phase preserving denoising of images." signal 4.3 (1999): 1
download this paper this has detailed description. Plz rate the project if u find it useful for academic research

sir can you please provide information about how to calculate phasecongruency by using log gabour filters

Manu BN

Grond truthing is a very difficult task especially for ancient documents. You may have to create a very large database for ground truthing.

Sir in this base paper there is one tool that is ground truth generating tool nothing but phase GT. How to get that ground truth image ,please reply sir

sir i have searched for bleed trough removing process but i did't find that , can u please provid code or link for how to detect the document have bleed through problem and how to avoid it

thank you sir

Manu BN

No, bleedthrough removal codes are already there on net. Search for it.

sir is this code contains bleed through removal process

Manu BN

Use Matlab 2013 or higher versions. Run Phase_GUI.m.

the GUI results in error "Attempt to reference field of non-structure array"

split range

Manu BN

I just checked, the code is working perfectly. Use latest version of Winzip

sir i am not able to open this file , while opening it is showing that there is no files to extract



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