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Facility Layout Design using PSO in MATLAB

version (10.7 KB) by Yarpiz
Application of Particle Swarm Optimization to Facility Layout Design Problem in MATLAB


Updated 22 Sep 2015

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Chandra Wijaya

what is meant by rin rout (input output gate). where did the data come from?

Chandra Wijaya

xw huang

Sir, the result of this code is pretty good and I want to do some research based on your good program. Can you indicate the paper or description corresponding to this program? Thanks in advance.

Martin Ruholl

Why can't you specify the location of input/loutput gate directly without the loop?

I mean this part in "Create Model":

rin = [0.17 0.70 0.73 0.27 0.04 0.09 0.42 0.69];

for i=1:n
if rin(i)>=0 && rin(i)<=0.25

Martin Ruholl



Sir,what is the delta and what is the difference between rin and (xin, yin)?
Thanks in advance

akram romad

think you very match

S N Patil

Thank You Sir.
Your clarification helped me a lot in understanding the programs.


Tha matrix "a", is an asymmetric weighting matrix, which is defined to model the connection between units.
The parameter "phi", is the cost of Unused Area. The unused area is defined as the difference between the total area of units and area of smallest rectangular region which contains all units.
In near future, a video will be provided on, which contains full description of model and source code.

S N Patil

Sir, The program is very helpful to understand the Facility Layout Problem. However, in model 'a' and 'phi' is initialized as
a=[ 0 50 45 20 0 19 46 15
28 0 13 15 24 27 25 48
13 28 0 0 31 12 0 49
0 14 20 0 26 47 41 33
47 49 42 33 0 48 25 12
16 10 27 32 19 0 19 0
43 41 47 15 15 30 0 24
32 0 17 44 17 23 13 0];
What is a and phi? Description is not given. Could you please tell what is 'a' and 'phi' and what is their purpose?

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