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Flatten (Nested) Cell Arrays

version (2.3 KB) by Yung-Yeh Chang
A helper function to flatten nested cell arrays


Updated 12 Jun 2017

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[out] = CELLFLAT(celllist) searches every cell element in cellist and put them on the top most level. Therefore, CELLFLAT linearizes a cell array tree structure.
Update 5/31/2017:
V2.0 -
1. The default behavior does not change.
2. Additional parameter for flatten cell arrays up to N level
cellflat(C,N) flatten cell array C for up to N level (N level search/flatten). The default value is N = -1.
3. Compatible to all Matlan versions.

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Yung-Yeh Chang (2021). Flatten (Nested) Cell Arrays (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

zmi zmi

Ilya Tyuryukanov

Very useful

Chang hsiung

very handy, great submission

Yung-Yeh Chang

Thank you Iwo Bohr for valuable comment. Although error would generate if the input arguments is not a cell, I think this is useful to prompt users for the correct format. I've added the check and error message to my code.

Iwo Bohr

Very nice and useful submission. I would add one short sanity check in case of supplying an argument which is not a cell array:

if ~iscell(celllist);error('the argument must be a cell array');end

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Created with R2017a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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