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Parses a Modelica result file into a nested tree structure in Matlab

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This function parses a Modelica result file (*.mat) into a tree structue so that all variables can be accessed the same way as in Modelica.
The path to the result file has to be provided. The user can also pass a regular expression to the function to limit the return variables.
The output is a nested structure where all variables can be accessed via dot-notation. Arrays of objects in Modelica are parsed into arrays in Matlab.
res = modelicaImport(path, regex);
eg. res.object.subObject.variable
eg. res.object.subobject(1).variable
This function is pretty much a byproduct of a simulation project I did for university - I hope that is is useful. I have used this function with OpenModelica 1.9.1+dev (r22052) and Dymola 2015.

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Felix Birkelbach (2023). modelicaImport (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Resolved a bug with array parsing.