Earth-to-Mars Interplanetary TCM Optimization - SNOPT

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Optimization of interplanetary trajectory correction maneuvers (TCM) during Earth-to-Mars spaceflight.

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PDF document and a MATLAB script called e2m_tcm_snopt which can be used to solve the classic one impulse, Earth-to-Mars interplanetary trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) optimization problem. The software implements a simple shooting method that attempts to minimize the TCM delta-v while numerically integrating the n-body heliocentric equations of motion and solving for user-defined final orbit conditions at Mars.

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David Eagle (2023). Earth-to-Mars Interplanetary TCM Optimization - SNOPT (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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Updated to use JPL DE421.bsp ephemeris (included in zip file) and MICE routines.