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self organizing map Kohonen Neural Network

version (18.6 KB) by ammar al jodah
m-file for SOM using a mesh of 2 dimension


Updated 06 May 2014

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m-file that is easy to understand and to implement self organizing map which is based on Kohonen Neural Network.

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ammar al jodah (2021). self organizing map Kohonen Neural Network (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Omar Alrammah

Omar Alrammah

daoming she

How can I use SOM to calculate the MQE value which is proposed in this paper----- Using Minimum Quantization Error chart for the monitoring of process states in multivariate manufacturing processes?
This question has troubled me a long time.
Could you help me, much appreciation.

Mohamed Aziz Trabelsi

nadia bm

nadia bm

Hello I am a beginner user in MATLAB. I need to implement SOM on my pictures. But I do not know how I use images instead of input vectors. can You help me? Regards.

Francisco Pureco


it is very interresting for me

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