OpenGL 3D graphics in MATLAB using jzy3d - a demo

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A demo of some features of the open-source jzy3d 3d graphics package from

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This PDF describes code for displaying jzy3d OpenGL-based 3D graphics in MATLAB. Jzy3d is an open-source 3D graphics library. See

Code to run these demos is available as a Java jar file at
(N.B. All dependencies are either distributed as standard with MATLAB or included in this jar).

jzy3d uses the JOGL Java bindings to the OpenGL API to generate 3D graphics in Java. These graphics are easily generated in MATLAB and can readily be added to MATLAB figures. For the sphere in the illustration:

>> import kcl.waterloo.graphics3D.jzy3d.Factory.*
>> [x,y,z]=sphere(32);
>> gr=createSurface(x,y,z);
>> f = figure;
>> [comp, container] = javacomponent(gr);
>> set(container,'Units', 'normalized','Position', [0 0 1 1]);

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Malcolm Lidierth (2022). OpenGL 3D graphics in MATLAB using jzy3d - a demo (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 검색됨 .

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